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  • In Case You Were Wondering, Jeggings Are Also Not Pants
    Hello again, boys and girls. Many moons ago in an age that can only be referred to as academic year 2009-2010, I produced an article that informed the entire world that tights and leggings are, in fact, not pants. Now, it seems that the fashion industry has prompted an unfortunate follow up to this article.
  • Closing Department of Continuing Education Will Benefit University
    Young students can appreciate the value of a college degree better than most people. The workforce is a cutthroat competition to enter, and it is an advantage to have paper-proof that you are smarter and more qualified for a job than the rest of the people that are applying.
  • Assassin’s Creed Brotherhood
    He Ain’t Stabby — He’s my Brother
    We all hear stories from our parents and grandparents about our relatives we never had the opportunity to meet. There’s the great-grandfather who was a war hero, rescuing his platoon from insurmountable odds; a great-aunt who stood with her peers boycotting businesses during the civil rights movement.
  • Noise Inspectors
    Deerhoof – Deerhoof vs. Evil Deerhoof has repeatedly been praised for their experimental nature, but they’ve never really caught my attention—up until now. It’s not clear what “evil” forces Deerhoof is facing on their latest album. Is it a political statement? Maybe they’re battling a platoon of mediocre and boring albums by other artists; who knows? Whatever their scruples, Deerhoof is victorious.