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  • IllumiNation: Examining US Response to Egyptian Protest
    The commanding political story for the last two weeks has been the ongoing Egyptian protest, focused on the ousting of current President Hosni Mubarek and forcing free elections in the African nation. Many eyes have been on the mixed-messages conveyed by the United States’ government, which hesitated early to recognize the merits of the protesters in Egypt and have since moved to a stance in support of representative government and the transition away from Mubarek.
  • Cleveland Seventh in Hot Job Markets?
    According to the oft-quoted “Cleveland Tourism Video” series, “our main export is crippling depression.” In fact, the video goes so far as to say that things are so bad that one can “buy a house for the price of a VCR.” However, according to an article put out by Monster.
  • NYU Professor Calls for More Rigorous Class Work
    Entire US Stduent Body Responds with Resounding “Whaaa?”
    College isn’t supposed to be easy; we all understand that much right? If it were a cakewalk, despite the enormous price tag (and I mean, we’d be talking a LOT of cake here) then everyone and their mother would have a college degree and that just isn’t the case.
  • Dear Freyja, ‘My Roommate is Sleeping with My Ex’
    Dear Freyja, A few weeks ago, I went away with my family for the weekend. When I came back, I noticed my boyfriend was acting weird. We’d only been dating for a month, so I thought that maybe my weekend away had distanced us a little, and hoped things would get better.
  • First Lady and Disney Channel Join Forces for Healthy Eating Campaign
    First Lady Michelle Obama recently did a series of ads on the Disney Channel to promote the “Magic of Healthy Living” with some of the stars the Disney Channel including Brenda Song and Nick Jonas. Encouraging kids to eat healthier, turn off the TV and go outside is commendable and I applaud Mrs.