SGA Meeting Focuses on New Plans for Spring Semester

The Student Government Association held its first meeting on Jan. 21. The primary focus of the meeting was discussing future plans for the organization and the campus.

Several senators and executive board members voiced possible ideas that could be implemented during the spring semester.

Treasurer Eli Auerbach proposed an idea called “Trashformation.” In Auerbach’s proposal, the various colleges at CSU would participate in an art contest in which all the art would be made out of recyclable materials. According to him, this has been done at universities in California with great success.

Senator Omar Kurdi plans to host bi-weekly forums at locations across campus. The purpose of these forums would be to reach out to students and allow them to voice their concerns with SGA.

The location of the forums would change each time so students on different parts of the campus will have the opportunity to have their voices heard.

Along with Senator Kurdi, Senator Holly Jackson proposed increasing community involvement among students year round instead of relegating it to “random times like Do-Gooder Day.”

Kurdi suggested that community service hours could be one of the categories colleges could earn points for in the next College Pride Week, which was well received amongst the audience.

Senator Tasianna Stigall proposed creating an SGA Web blog. This blog would allow SGA representatives to share news or accomplishments and their constituents would be able to give them feedback or constructive criticism.

Cassie Gaffney, chair of the CSU Board of Elections was also present during the meeting. Gaffney announced that new rules would soon be available for candidates running in the upcoming election.

Vice-President Shauna Jackson emphasized the importance for candidates to meet with the Board of Elections in order to avoid missteps during the election process.